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Hotels in Khiva

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Khiva hotels

online booking hotels in khiva

On this page you can browse, discover, and familiarise yourself with accommodation availability, to book hotels in Khiva at prices to suit your budget.

We feel sure that Khiva and its varied choice of well-furnished hotels and boutique hotels, each with modern facilities, will tempt you to visit this ancient city of a wide diversity of travellers.

When hotel booking in Khiva do please feel free to do so on a basis of accessibility, ambience, price, local surroundings and each hotel’s service and available facilities.

To visit this World Heritage city is to experience its cuisine, its culture, artefacts and its cultural history. All these and more combine to create the perfect atmosphere and surroundings to suit your mood.

When you travel to Khiva, you will find it lives up to its wondrous reputation. A small and compact city of 50,000 souls, minarets, markets, camels and still preserved from antiquity harems, Khiva is the first site in Uzbekistan to be inscribed in the World Heritage List.

Travelling to Khiva is a revelatory experience for travellers. There are many explanations for the city’s name of Khiva. The one we like the best relates to travellers who once visited this appealing city. Being thirsty they exultantly exclaimed, "Khey vakh!" (What a pleasure). For this reason, the city became known as Kheyvakh and later Khiva.

This leads us to say that you too will echo the words of this ancient watering hole by describing Khiva in the same sentiment. ‘What a pleasure!’

When hotel booking in Khiva, definitely to be considered are the Itchen Kala and the city’s attractive boutique hotels.