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Why visit Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a very hospitable country with centuries old history and rich nature, which attracts tourists with its original culture, ancient architectural monuments, national traditions and unique cuisine.  The country is beautiful in any time of the year, but the most favorable seasons to travel are spring, summer and autumn.

Tours along the Great Silk Road, especially along such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand, Shakhrisabz, Margilan, Andijan and Fergana makes one feel the hero of oriental fairy tale. The capital city of Tashkent is the crossroad of cultures of the East and the West, as well as the combination of architectural monuments of ancient epoch. Other cities of Uzbekistan as Muynak, in former times the harbor of Aral Sea, Nukus, the capital of Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan, Navoi, one of the youngest cities built during the last century on Kyzylkum desert and Urgench, the capital of Khorezm also have their unique peculiarities.

If you are fond of active holidays, there are all possibilities of ecotourism, mountain skiing, hunting and fishing in Uzbekistan. You can visit the Nature Reserve of Zaamin, swim in the fresh waters of Charvak reservoir near Tashkent, take a walking tour in the holes of Chimgan, touch the ancient fortresses of Ellikkala and see the mysterious petroglyphs in the mountains of Djizzakh and Surkhandarya. You can overnight in “yurtas” like nomads and meet the sunrise on the shores of Aydarkul Lake, fish in the rough streams of Ugam and Chatkal mountain rivers. If you are interested in the history of civilization and Buddhism, you can take part in archeological excavations near Termez.  

The pure air and the beauty of nature will grant you rehabilitation and serene tranquility. The main resorts of Uzbekistan are located in the areas close to Tashkent, on the thermal springs and other scenic corners of the country. The travel and recreation in Uzbekistan will always stay in your memories.


The ancient cities of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan for tourists is primarily mysterious ancient city, affecting its architecture. There are many ancient stories and legends in every city.

Uzbekistan is divided into 9 regions - Tashkent, Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Namangan, Surkhandarya, Bukhara, Khorezm, Fergana Valley and Karakalpakstan.

The world-famous cities of Uzbekistan, it's certainly - Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. These pearls of the east annually attract many historians and tourists. The architecture of ancient cities guarded carefully and painstakingly restored by the best masters, and after hundreds of years these unique monuments of the great stories remain intact. Another favorite place of tourists is the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. This city - the territory of contrasts, located at the crossroads of modernity and ancient ages. It’s full of beautiful mosques side by side with the high-rise buildings and bazaars with a variety of shopping centers.

In addition to these famous cities there are the other interesting cities for tourists like Margilan, Karshi, Nukus, Fergana and many others.

Culture and traditions of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a rich in culture and distinctive country. This unique fusion of music, national dances, colorful attire, charming painting, sonorous poetry, and also delicious local cuisine. Such a rich artistic heritage is carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation.

Uzbek folk dancing - this is perhaps one of the most recognized business cards in the region. Expressiveness, grace, energy, enthusiasm, emotion - just a few of suitable adjectives which describe Uzbek national dance. Performance of folk dancers - this is a real performance, fascinating and compelling to dance along with the performers. Just stand on side is impossible. Essential elements of the dance show - are not only honed movements of dancers, but are Uzbek costumes and energetic music. Uzbek national music is recognizable and rich in complex rhythms and intricate motifs. Some melodies are so penetrating that sneaks to the soul - which is impossible to forget. This unique sound is achieved through tools. The most popular Uzbek national instruments - strings are rubab and dutar, wind Karnay and surnay, drums and sharp doira highlands. The sound of them can’t be confused with anything. There are many national music and music-song genres, but one of the most popular in Uzbekistan - is Mack. Mack is considered as a classic, and to perform such works is subject not to everyone. This genre requires outstanding vocal.

Each country has its own particular national style of dress. If we take into consideration the performance as a whole this is - the actors on the stage clothed in festive Uzbek national costume, the creation of which - whole mystery, marked by painstaking craftsmanship and true craftsmen and craftswomen. Uzbek national dress discords in accordance with the region. Each region has its national attires of characteristic differences. The gold-embroidered clothing is famous around the world. If you get a gold-embroidered “chapan” (robe) as a gift it’s a sign of deep respect from the giver. Uzbekistan is famous for its domestic textiles – which are painted with silk khan-atlas, adras, shoi, snipe, calico, and many other great beauties of fabrics.

Uzbek traditions, both cultural and national values, are revered up until these days. Hospitality - a popular custom and perhaps one of the most striking characteristics of the Uzbek people. You can’t meet Uzbek politeness anywhere else. Always guests are greeted with warmth in Uzbekistan. Hospitality has its own rules. Usually guests come with souvenirs and sweets for tea. To refuse an invitation or be late to the table is considered obscene in the East.

Most Uzbek traditions and customs associated with such significant events, like wedding or birth of a child. Because of it many festivals associate with ordinances and regulations, which still have its effect. It is not necessary for tourists to learn them deeply just enough to visit one of them. And if you get such an opportunity - do not miss it, as the holidays are usually grand, beautiful and touching. They will surely remain in your memory brightly.

Famous people of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan - the birthplace of many prominent scholars and public figures, each of whom has made an invaluable contribution into the development of the region. Portal compiled a list of prominent personalities of Uzbekistan, who lived in different times.

Alisher Navoi - great poet and social activist. He was born in 1441 in Herat - the capital of the ancient land of Khorasan. His creative works in the field of literature and science, philosophy, history and linguistics are known worldwide and have been translated into many languages. He was famous with his poems, treatises, epic and lyric works. His most famous works are "Farhad and Shirin", "Layla and Majnun", "Breath of Love" and many others.

Abu Ali Ibn Sina, or Avicenna – an eminent medieval scholar, physician and philosopher. He was born in 980 y. in the village of Afshan near Bukhara. At the age of 18, he became a respectful scientist and physician of his time. Avicenna from his early ages showed an interest in such sciences as philosophy, geometry, linguistics. Let’s overlook the legends about Sina’s healing. He was a physician at the court of Samanid emirs, and served as a vizier in Hamadan shortly. His research works and medical treatises such as "Canon of Medicine", "On the benefits and harms of wine", "Drugs", and many others have made an invaluable contribution into the development of medicine in the world.

Amir Timur or Tamerlane was a great military leader of all times. His history is shrouded in a veil of secrets and mysteries. He was born in Shakhrisabz in 1336. From a young age he was interested in politics. Amir Temur made disparate contribution into the state system, culture and education. Under his leadership, there were built such a famous monuments of Central Asian architecture as the Juma Mosque, Shah-i-Zinda complex, Gur-Emir.

Mirzo Ulugbek – one of kings from Tymurid’s dynasty, a grandson of Tamerlane, an eminent astronomer and astrologer. He was born on March 22, 1394 in Sultan (northwest Iran). During his reign, he built many madrasahs in Samarkand. Thanked to Ulugbek, Samarkand became one of the major research centers in the middle ages in the world. The main interest of the ruler was astronomy. Ulugbek observatory is still preserved with famous sextant in Samarkand. At that time, it was a famous unique wall quadrant, which had no analog in the world. In addition to his research activities, Ulugbek was fond of history and poetry.

Muhammad Al-Bukhari - a symbolic figure in Islam religion. He was a renowned Islamic scholar, whose name does not cease to be famous all over the world for ages. He was born in 810 in Bukhara. At an early age al-Bukhari had lost his father and left under the care and education of his mother, who gave him an excellent education. He is known for his works, the most famous is - "Jami al-Sahih," which means "Authentic Collection". This work is a collection of Hadiths (words of Prophet Muhammad) and is the second largest after the manuscript of Koran.

Ahmad Al-Fergani – an outstanding Central Asian mathematician and astronomer, who is also known by the Latin pseudonym Alfraganus. According to historical sources, the scientist was born in Fergana in 798 year. He is known throughout the world for its encyclopedic work and calculations. Al-Fergani directly involved in measuring the length of meridian’s degree, and wrote a famous treatise on the construction of sundials and astrolabes.

Imam At-Termez - a great scholar of the East, recognized sage of his time and a man who has made a significant contribution into the development of Islam. He was born in 810, in Termez. Locals call him the founder of the city, as he had lived all his life for people’s wellness. At-Termeziy lived more than a century and left a rich legacy. He has written over 400 scientific and religious works that characterize him as a philosopher, mathematician, astrologer, historian and expert on Islam.

Abu Rayhan Beruny - a famous scholar of Khorezm. He was a master of almost all the science of his time. He was born on September 4, 973 y. in Khorezm city Kyat. Beruny received a good education in all scientific fields. For all his years, he managed to write countless books on astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, history, surveying, medicine, etc. He calculated the radius of the Earth, set the angle of the ecliptic to the equator pinpointed share of more than 50 minerals, proved a series of trigonometric theorems.

Babur - a commander and leader, founder of the Mughals Empire in India, a talented writer and poet. Babur - a direct descendant of Tamerlane. He was born on February 14, 1483 in Andijan. At 12, he became the ruler of Fergana, and later of Maurya. Years later he went to India and became a full ruler of the country. In addition to his achievements in the political arena, he became known as a great poet. One of his major works is the autobiography "Babur-name". Babur is rightly called the great Uzbek poet.

Al-Khwarizmi - the world famous mathematician, geographer and astronomer. He is the founder of the classical algebra. The scientist was born in about 783 y. in Khorezm. Unfortunately, his name is rarely mentioned in historical sources as part of his scientific work was lost. One of his most famous works - "Al-Khwarizmi on the Hindu art of computing" has become a real revolution in the scientific world of the time. His name became known as the system of decimal arithmetic, and later led the term "algorithm", descended from Latin alias Al-Khwarizmi - Algorithmus.

Abu Mansoor Al-Moturidy was a Central Asian scientist, philosopher, theologian, founder of the flow "moturudy" in Islam. He was born in 870 in the settlement of Motrud near Samarkand. At the time, he became known for his religious works. He has always fought against the misconceptions of Islam and all the forces fighting for the clarity of the original religious doctrine. After his death it was built his mausoleum in Samarkand, revered among the local population. Until to the present days its structure is poorly preserved, but in 2000, the mausoleum was restored and surrounded by architectural complex, designed in the national Uzbek style.

This is only a small part of all those famous people who were born and brought up in Uzbekistan, and made an impressive contribution into the country.

Shopping in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan from ancient times is famous for its bazaars, abundance of which has always attracted travelers. At the moment, shopping in Uzbekistan - it's all the same variety of several items that can be purchased at the local market, and in special shops located in the modern shopping centers.

The best place for shopping in Uzbekistan is Tashkent, however, in other cities there are many places where you can buy something special. For example, in an enchanting and mysterious Bukhara tourists should not miss trading domes, which are located in the old part of town. These covered bazaars - unique ancient monuments and part-functioning outlets teem with incredible amount of oriental souvenirs. Each trading dome has its own name and range. Under the roof of the bazaar Taki Sarrafon are available unusual souvenirs, at the shopping dome Taki Zargaron - beautiful jewellery, in bazaar Taki-Telpak Furushon - fur, and the Grand Bazaar Tim Abdullah Khan - carpets and Suzanne handmade.

Having selected a tour to Samarkand, you will, of course, visit the majestic and striking in its beauty Registan. Within the walls of this ancient building there are comfortable souvenir workshops where skilled artisans offer to buy products of national art. In Samarkand, is also worth to visit Syab Bazaar. It is located behind the Bibi Khanum mosque. Here you can buy quality fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, and enjoy Uzbek cuisine.

While in Tashkent you can walk on a unique Oriental bazaar, and pick up something in the major shopping centers. Portal has special shopping trip for tourists planning to visit Tashkent.

Perhaps the first and most important stop for all guests is ChorSu bazaar, located in the old city. It stretches for seven baths, decorated with colored tiles. In one hall vendors offer a variety of fruits and vegetables, in the other compartment - aromatic spices, in the third - dried fruits and various nuts. In all other you can buy food, cereals, meat, and national Uzbek dishes. Around Chorsu bazaar there are artisan shops with gold-chapans, beautiful silk scarves, and a variety of ceramic products, as well as elaborate wooden souvenirs.

In addition to the bazaar is worth visiting souvenir shops in Tashkent, where you can buy unique works of Uzbek designers, as well as various products of hand-made, made in the traditional style. One of these shops is a gallery of "Human" clothes. There are many unusual pictures of Uzbek artists for sale, ceramics, made hereditary masters, the Uzbek national dress, as well as various accessories and leather goods.

Every year the number of modern shopping centers is increasing in Tashkent. The first and, perhaps, one of the largest in the city is the Central Department Store. One can find everything here - from the cutlery and crockery sets up to accessories and home appliances.

Also it’s worth visiting a shopping center “Mercato”. It presents the flagship stores of clothing and footwear, household appliances and kitchen utensils. Be sure to look into the Mega Planet hypermarket in Tashkent. This shopping center offers lots of entertainments. There are restaurants, cafes, cinemas, playgrounds and a variety of shops with clothes, shoes and accessories.

“Poytaxt” shopping center offers a variety of products. Here you can see the assortment of leather goods, evening dresses and other items of clothing. For fans of the brand Apple, in this mall you can buy covers for IPhone in Tashkent, as well as a variety of accessories for your phone.

There is another shopping mall “City Makon” which is recently opened in Tashkent. As for shopping, there are new items of cosmetics, brand clothing and Swarovski jewelry in Tashkent. Also presented here BMV company store in Tashkent, where you can buy branded car products. Shopping in Tashkent - is very exciting. The combination of modern and traditional oriental goods will certainly surprise foreign visitors.

Famous people about Uzbekistan

UZBOOKING.COM shares with you views of celebrities who have visited Uzbekistan. Each of them can found in this country something special and delicious. National traditions and customs, Uzbek cuisine, costumes, architecture, ancient monuments - Uzbekistan meets every guest very warm and does not let go without vivid impressions.

Maxim Shevchenko, a Russian journalist
- I really liked the atmosphere of Uzbekistan. The main impression of the trip - it's a great admiration for the Uzbek art, traditions and customs. I hope Uzbekistan will save these treasures many years, because they are really majestic and beautiful.

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, the Spanish designer
- Uzbekistan is a country of bright colors. I am in love with the Uzbek national dress. All of these patterns are fascinating - complex of colors’ combinations are chaotic and thought out at once. It is worth noting of Uzbek weavers skill and to thank them for such amazing material.

Oscar Delan, the Italian designer
- A man once visited Uzbekistan, will certainly come back there again. Because there are plenty of reasons - ancient history, amazing culture and the legendary art of Uzbekistan. To observe everything during single journey is almost impossible. I always find interesting to visit the country, as it is characterized by its long history. The Great Silk Road laid through the ancient cities of Uzbekistan in past and it makes the country more attractive to tourists.

Alan Friedman, the journalist from the Wall Street Journal U.S.
- I could see that Uzbekistan - a unique country. Here is a beautiful culture and delicious cuisine. I tried Uzbek pilaf and I can say that this is probably one of the most delicious dishes all over the world. The world should know more about Uzbekistan, and this is another reason to come here again.

Countess March Marzotto, the Italian designer
- Many years ago, an artist friend of mine gave me a souvenir from Bukhara. He brought me national Uzbek silk scarves. I was enjoyed and said that I’ll try to visit Uzbekistan surely. After my first visit to Uzbekistan, I truly loved the country. Want to come back here again.

Uzbek national cuisine

Anyone who has visited Uzbekistan, knows that cuisine here - a real gastronomic feast. Each dish has its own unique taste and special recipe. Uzbek cuisine is shrouded in legends and stories that are closely connected with the national culture and traditions of the Uzbek people. According to historians, the modern Uzbek national cuisine was formed over a centuries ago, and its formation is influenced by the culinary traditions of the Kazakh, Turkish, Uighur, Tatar and Tajik peoples, as well as European cuisine. However, most of the recipes have their roots deep in antiquity. Uzbek cuisine dishes mentioned in the writings of famous scholars of the Middle Ages.

Uzbekistan - a paradise for gourmets. For those who are looking after their weight, you know that a gastronomic tour in Uzbekistan will be not for your shape completely. But believe me, its worth to. To resist against the aroma of delicious Pilaf, hot Samosa, Kebab, Shurpa, Mastava, Laghman and crispy tortillas is impossible. Uzbek cuisine is very diverse, and it awakens the appetite. To assist you in understanding of its rich assortment portal offers a brief tour to Uzbek cuisine.


One day, a tourist from England said that this rice dish he encountered in many cultures, and in the Uzbek pilaf nothing is unique. But these words were before he tasted the special wedding pilaf that Uzbeks prepare only on special occasions. Emptying kosa (so called in Uzbekistan painted deep plates, similar to bowls), he hastened to retract and proclaimed Uzbek pilaf as the best dish in the world.

This is actually a very common dish in the Central Asia and the Middle East, but the most widely spread in Uzbekistan. It is made of rice and meat. Pilaf is cooked on special occasions as well as in daily cooking. In Uzbekistan, there are more than fifty varieties of pilaf, and true lovers of this dish can taste it to determine what kind of pilaf is in his plate. And in order to understand why many people love this dish, it certainly is worth trying, and at least in few variations. Samarkand pilaf is very different in taste from the one in Kashkadarya, Bukhara and cannot be compared with in Khorezm, but not because of Bukhara pilaf is worse, but for the reason that they are preparing for entirely different recipes. Standard composition of pilaf - is rice, fresh lamb, onion, carrot and fragrant spices. But in different regions one can substitute lamb with chicken, quail, kazi, and rice with waving, buckwheat and even homemade noodles. In addition to carrots and onions you can add into pilaf quinces, barberries, raisins and garlic.

Cooking pilaf - is a ritual, the secret of which is not known to everyone. Professional chefs who specialize in cooking pilaf in Uzbekistan are called "Oshpaz." They know their job perfectly well, and often the skill passed down from generation to generation. Oshpaz prepares pilaf, of course, on fire, in large iron cauldrons. The tastiest pilaf is cooked on firewood. However, many Uzbek families prepare pilaf at home on a regular gas stove, and it is worth noting that for those who know the process well it’s not an issue.

Barbecue and kettle-kabob

Fragrant and juicy meat threaded on a skewer and cooked over charcoal - is a traditional Uzbek kebab. This dish has an important place in the Uzbek culture, which is why it's so popular and is prepared everywhere. Barbecue is usually cooked by men. The secret of its taste is revealed in the marinade. But professional chefs, who specialize in barbecue, do not reveal their secrets. This dish is usually served on the big kicks (large plate, painted in traditional style) and is decorated with onion, sprinkle with vinegar and sprinkled with fragrant red pepper.

Kazan-kabob skewers translated as “in a cauldron”. The main ingredients of this dish are meat, potatoes and spices. At first glance, you can find substantial similarity with the usual stew, but Chef of Uzbekistan fills usual dish with mixture of special tastes. Travelling along Uzbekistan should not be without tasting the dish.

Uzbek flour products

Flour dishes in Uzbek cuisine are far from the last place. Samosa, chuchvara, Manty, Cakes, Khanum - just a few popular pastry dishes. Chuchvara - the same as dumplings. Manty - a dish for many visitors to Uzbekistan of no surprise, since it is widely used in other cultures. However, among Uzbek national chefs, manty differs with soft meat or vegetable filling, in which there is a “Doumba” (fat tail).

Sonorous and beautiful name "Khanum" is called for a thin steam roll with potato stuffing, analogue which can hardly be found in other cuisines. Before serving, it is usually watered with special sauce.

No one meal, whether ordinary or casual dinner does not pass without hot cakes in Uzbekistan. They are baked in the tandoor and are used mainly piping hot. There are lots of varieties of “Lepeshka” with several species and differ from the others with the recipe depending on the region. Also are very popular Uzbek noodles, which are used in the preparation of dishes such as Lagman and Naryn.

One of the most iconic pastry dishes of Uzbek cuisine is samosa - a unique invention of the Eastern cooking. In essence, this dish is not nothing but a puff pastry with meat, potato or pumpkin filling. Traditional Uzbek samosa is cooked in a tandoor - a special clay oven. Samosa has a distinctive aroma and flavor that cannot be compared with anything. Usually, Uzbeks samosa has a triangular shape, but local chefs do not mind experimenting and offer round or rectangular samosa. An indispensable ingredient is onion. It makes the dish juicier.

Each chef prepares samosa in different way and in this seemingly unpretentious baking, cooking has its secrets. Without samosa no one festival is celebrated. On the feast of Navruz (New Year by the Moon calendar, which is celebrated on March 21), the Uzbeks prepare green samosa. It is particularly filling, in which the main ingredient is various herbs. This samosa extremely tasty and is a symbol of the spring month.

Eastern sweets

Everyone knows that Uzbekistan is rich in fruits. But the dessert menu is not limited in the eastern feast -platter of juicy apples, melons, peaches and refreshing fragrance of water-melons. In Uzbekistan one can try lots of delicious and most importantly very useful treats, such as navvat. It looks sweet, like a precious crystal. Pieces of Navvat are usually put in green or black tea instead of sugar. This sweetness in essence – is a boiled grape sugar crystal with natural dye and spices. Notable goodies also include various nuts in icing sugar and dessert behidulma – a quince stuffed with nuts. Another useful dessert that is popular in Uzbekistan - yanchmish. It is called so neat small balls, consisting of small pieces of walnuts, raisins and honey.

Citizens of Uzbekistan are also very fond of sweet pastry. Origin of many sweets is known since ancient times. Here the people are very fond of crunchy twigs, sweet balls, which are called bugirsak and delicious cheesecake - zangza. Uzbek sweets are absolutely must try - pashmak (crumbly snow-white cotton candy made of flour and caramel), nisholda (whipped protein with sugar) and sumalak (thick sweet weight based on wheat germ - a traditional dish, which is prepared for the holiday Navruz).

Active holidays in Uzbekistan

The geographical location of Uzbekistan is ideal for outdoor activities. Unforgettable emotions, interesting discoveries, exciting adventures and all this on the backdrop of spectacular scenery - the mountain resorts of Uzbekistan will delight every lover of outdoor activities. In winter you can go for skiing and snowboarding. Slopes of Chimgan and Beldersay are equipped with several cable cars and boast excellent ski runs. There are many small cozy hotels, camp sites, and houses for rent near the slopes. The slopes are ideal for skiing, both for professionals and beginners. For those who prefer extreme - ridges Chimgan and Beldersay can offer wild slopes, ideal for the backcountry.

And that’s not all entertainments you can have in the mountains of Uzbekistan. People from Uzbekistan and tourists from the other foreign countries come all year round to enjoy the unique scenery of the region, and to breathe a fresh mountain air. Hiking along the unexplored trails, trekking, horse riding, trips to waterfalls and mysterious caves, gathering herbs, invigorating swimming in the small canyons and extreme rafting on mountain rivers – these are the tours many tourists choose when book a tour to Uzbekistan.

Summer in the mountains of the region is quite hot. In addition to the waterfalls and mountain streams there is one more place for swimming – the Charvak water reservoir. Shore of the reservoir consists of artificial sand and wild beaches. What to choose is a matter of taste. Many people are familiar with her beautiful lake located in the north-east - Lake Aydarkul. Yurt camp stretches along its shore, where you can overnight. The lake - a perfect place for fishing in Uzbekistan. You could also take a walk on camels.

A separate topic for reflection of many tourists, who love adventure, undoubtedly became the desert of Uzbekistan. Kyzyl-Kum and Kara-Kum are the Central Asian deserts. At first glance they are just interesting places for tourist excursions, but they are something more than that. These sandy lands pose a lot of interesting things - from strange animals to extraordinary natural phenomena up to historical monuments. Ideal for study of the Uzbekistan deserts is to order a jeep safari along Kyzyl-Kum or Kara-Kum deserts. Remembering the old times, you can give preference to the more outlandish way to discover the nature of deserts - go on a camel safari.

Uzbekistan can offer a wide variety of interesting pastime - from the bike tour along mountain trails to desert safaris. However, if you are not a fan of extreme sports, but still value an active outdoor recreation mostly - your version may well be marked by a round of golf. Uzbekistan can offer you such an aristocratic pleasure. Playing golf is gaining popularity in Uzbekistan. There are all conditions for that. Each person can visit the Golf & Country Club near Tashkent. It is perfectly organized with the professional point of view, so there are often enough competitions, including the international level. Evergreen lawns, trees, hills, lakes, food courts - it has everything you need for a great game and a good rest.



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Nukus Sightseeings Nukus Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan is a part of Uzbekistan. The Great Silk Road ran through the territory of Karakalpakstan during the ancient times. There are still a number of unique ancient monuments preserved in Karakalpakstan: cities of Toprak-kala, …
Nurata Sightseeings Nurata In Navoi region, there is a fascinating city – Nurata. It can be considered as the most exotic cities due to its piedmont location. The great Fortress of Alexander the Great, Mosque of Khasan and Khusan brothers, Chashma complex which includes Djuma mosque, …
Samarkand Sightseeings Samarkand In the ancient writings, the exotic city of Samarkand was previously named Sogdiana and Marakand. The age of this second largest city in Uzbekistan is around three thousand years. During this three millennia period Samarkand was governed under the reign of …
Shakhrisabz Sightseeings Shakhrisabz The history of Shakhrisabz is dated back to 3000 years. The whole world knows this city as the birthplace of Great Tamerlane. Shakhrisabz is famous for its natural landscapes and various beautiful gardens. For this reason the translation of Shakhrisabz sounds …
Tashkent Sightseeings Tashkent Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. The ancient city harmoniously merges the spirit of modern times with its rich historical heritage. Tashkent has developed over 2,200 years of history. During this two millennia period, the capital city had various names …
Termez Sightseeings Termez Termez is located on the south part of Uzbekistan close to Surkhandarya river. The name of the city is translated as “the bank of the river”. The city is over twenty five centuries old. Termez was an important destination on the Great Silk Road. …
Urgench Sightseeings Urgench Urgench is a small town located close to Amudarya banks. It is an administrative center of Khorezm region. Urgench is one of the mysterious places of Uzbekistan. Scientists found it difficult to trace the chronology of its history, since the city was named …
Zaamin Sightseeings Zaamin Zaamin sanatorium is the health-improving resort with soft climate, fascinating nature and unforgettable mountain landscapes. The main sightseeing of this area is the healthy air and coniferous forest. Juniper forests of Zaamin are probably the only forest …