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Why visit Uzbekistan

The history of Shakhrisabz is dated back to 3000 years. The whole world knows this city as the birthplace of Great Tamerlane. Shakhrisabz is famous for its natural landscapes and various beautiful gardens. For this reason the translation of Shakhrisabz sounds like “green city”. The city lied along the Great Silk Road.

The territory of Shakhrisabz is small, however, despite this fact there are many great masterpieces of ancient Central Asian architecture. Main sightseeings are the Palace of Amir Temur also called as Ak-Saray; Dar-ut Saodat ensemble which includes the burials of Amir Temur’s descendants; Dor-ut Saodat ensemble, Kok-Gumbaz mosque and other unique monuments. The sightseeing tour to Shakhrisabz is one of the must-see places of Uzbekistan.


Dor-ut Saodat complex: Khazrati Imam Mosque   

Dor-ut Saodat complex was previously meant for the burial of Tamerlane and his descendants. It is located on the south-western part of Shakhrisabz. Complex is made of Jahongir mausoleum, Omar mausoleum Khzratiy Imam mosque and Tamerlane’s mausoleum. Only the remnants of this great building were preserved up to our days. The translation of Dor-ut Saodat means “The place of power”.

Ak-Saray palace

Ak-Saray palace was built by the best masters of its time within two decades. The construction process was headed by Tamerlane himself. Ak-Saray is one of the main sightseeing of Shakhrisabz. In 1570, Emir of Bukhara Abdullakhan II attempted to destroy Ak-Saray palace as it was the reminder of former ruler. However, fortunately he could not fully destroy the building. Historians and restorers of our times did their best in order to restore the palace. Only the great portal to Ak-Saray palace was preserved till our times.

Dor-ut Tillavat complex 

Dor-ut Tillavat complex consists of three structures: Shamsiddin Kulol mausoleum, Kok Gumbaz Mosque and Gumbazi Seiidan tomb. The translation of “Dor-ut Tillavat” into English means “reading of Koran”. All the structures are dated with different periods, but it does not hinder them from being perfectly harmonized. Up to know Dor-ut Tillavat complex is an important religious places not only for the residents of Shakhrisabz, but also for tourists.